06 Essential Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

With this article today I will be sharing you 06 travel tips for solo female travelers. So if you are a female traveler who likes to go solo and have questions regarding safety then these hacks will surely help you out in keeping you safe.Being a travel blogger, I always receive emails from my female readers regarding their safety when they are traveling solo or even with a companion.I guess we all have heard these lines:

The world is not a nice place.

This country is not safe

You can be a target for locals

Well, screw that!Yes, there are people who have bad intentions but trust me, the number is very less.I have traveled to many countries and the places which have been termed as hostile are the ones, where I have found the friendliest people.Understand one thing, that there are certain situations which are not in our hand. So better ignore it.So with these 06 travel tips I would try to help you in keeping safe on foreign lands.So let’s start.

Politeness: Politeness and a smiling face is one of the best things a traveler like you can do. In any part of the world, if you keep a smiling face and remain polite most of the hard situations can be tackled.

Saying No: Always keep in mind one thing; if you smell something fishy say ‘No’. As most of the times, your Gut feelings have an idea what is coming in front.

For example, if someone is trying to be friend with you and you don’t feel good about it, just say ‘No’ in a polite manner.

Don’t Travel During Nights: Yes this is another point which you always keep in mind if you are traveling solo. If you traveling from point A to point B, it is always suggested to cover the distance during morning.

Knowledge Of Scams: Before visiting any country whether it’s Britain, India, Malaysia, Russia or any other country you must do your homework on various scams that other travelers face. Doing your homework is a must for anyone. So try doing your research. It will surely help you in understanding what to do and not do when facing the same issue.

Appropriate Dressing: In some cultures, people prefer modest dressing when visiting churches, mosques, temples and other religious places. In addition, if you have tattoos, try covering it, as not everyone likes it. So always try covering your body and not show your skin in some countries.

Cab safety: Always try to keep your belongings with you in the back seat so that if you need to jump out of the cab, you can do it without any second thought. Next always keep the number of the cab with you, so that in any mishaps you can share the number with police or your near ones.

So here was my 06 travel tips for solo female travelers. Hope you liked it.

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Real Estate Investing Program

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing ProgramWhat Type Of Real Estate Investing Program Fits You?What type of real estate investing program is right for you? The right real estate investing program will make it simple to become a successful real estate investor. But let’s be clear, the steps to becoming successful as a real estate investor are simple but simple does not always translate to easy. Choosing the right real estate investing program is one of the most important decisions you can make as a real estate investor.The best known real estate investing program is the Carlton Sheets no down payment system that has been running as a TV infomercial for over twenty years. As fare as real estate investing programs go the Carlton Sheets No Down Payment system leaves much to be desired and I would not want to have to make a living based on that real estate investing program alone. But Carlton Sheets has introduced a lot of people to the wonderful world of real estate investing and for this he should be thanked.Let’s take a look at three real estate investing programs and the benefits of each.Kick Ass Wholesaling. Learning How To Buy.The single most important skill for real estate investors is learning how to buy properties significantly below market value. When you learn how to buy at 50-70% of market values profits are assured and exit strategies plentiful. Pay too much for a property and there is often little you can do other than take your losses or hang on for dear life hoping the market appreciates over time.Another advantage of wholesaling is the ability to quickly generate profits without having to use your cash or credit. An example is you find a house worth $200,000 that a seller will sell to you for $130,000. You could in turn sell this to another investor for $140,000 and make yourself $10,000 quickly and never have to fund the purchase. For a complete system on wholesaling check out Kick Ass WholesalingWork For Equity. The Most Profitable Way To Sell PropertiesThis is an advanced real estate investing program not because it is hard to implement but because most investors never discover the system. Instead of buying ugly houses and either wholesaling or rehabbing there is a way to sell and make twice the profits and have a larger pool of buyers wanting your house.Work For Equity is the real estate investing program where you sell the property with a special lease option agreement that requires the purchaser to repair the property at their expense. Later, typically after 12 months to maximize your tax gains the lease option buyer has the right to purchase the property (in the real world only about 30% of any lease option buyers exercise their option and purchase the property).If the lease option buyer exercises their option and purchases the property you are cashed out and this is good news. If they lease option buyer does not exercise their option you have a property that has been improved at their expense and you are free to sell again using any method you choose.The benefits to the real estate investor are too numerous to detail here but in the end work for equity can literally double an investors profits compared to rehabbing the property then selling the property for the full after repaired value.Work For Equity is a real estate investing program that every investor should use. Why not make twice the profit on deals your currently rehabbing? All the details can be found in the Work For Equity Pro System.Instant Real Estate Profit Pro – How To Buy Properties In 5 Minutes Or LessFor the serious investor there exists a real estate investing program designed to handle all of your buying needs – in 5 minutes or less.Imagine being able to analyze a property, estimate profits, and print out all of the documents you need to give the seller a completely justified offer that includes a cover letter, repair cost estimates, how you arrived at your offered price, and two offers – one cash and one terms. Users of this system are so efficient they often put properties under contract after talking to the seller one time and without even looking at the property.This real estate investing program also prepares complete get the deed (AKA “Subject To”) packages which allow you to take over existing loans. Note: Banks do not like this practice so you must understand the risks involved. All the documents you need including disclosures, authorization to real information, power of attorneys, and so much more. It even creates a land trust for you which should be part of your asset protection plan.Or how about buying pre-foreclosures or doing short sales? Automatically prepare short sale packages in less than 5 minutes. This section is for advanced investors but so easy to use you’ll feel like a pro in no time.There simply is no real estate investing program like Instant Real Estate Profit Pro. Just take a look at what the program has done for investors around the country.Real estate investing is a lot like being a specialized heart surgeon. Can you imagine needing open heart surgery and the doctor not having all the tools he needs to complete the surgery? Having the right real estate investing programs is what makes successful investors!

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How to be a Successful Investor in Sarasota Real Estate Investing

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